A hot night!
Every electric fan we could find pressed into service.
The church almost full.
Ladies fanning with scraps of paper, tiny shepherds sweating in their headdresses, little angels with flushed faces.
Immediately after the children's presentation Pastor Fox, un-robed and open-necked, preached this wee homily ...
(edit) - in which Pastor Fox, attempting to multi-task, completely messed up the opening story - if anyone is interested it should have been like this:- (Because of the extreme heat, Fox was wearing neither his robes or his clerical collar, and commented that people may have to look twice to realise that it actually was the pastor out front - then the told the little true story about the small girl who saw him in the supermarket, and who announced excitedly and very loudly to her grandmother (and the whole store) "Nana, Nana, Pastor Fox was at our house talking to mummy and I almost didn't recognise him without his clothes on!" (The blogger assures concerned readers that there was nothing of an improper nature occurring - the child was merely referring to the pastor's lack of clerical vestments during his home visiting activities).

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